How I Became A "Dog Person"

This weekend we helped ease our family dog – Abby – into the afterlife. It was very difficult and sad. But it was the right thing to do, at the right time, and we did it the right way. The vet came to our house, and Abby was surrounded and strongly loved up by Aszani, Mo, Dan and me as she lay in one of her favorite spots from where she passed over.

For a number of perfectly legitimate reasons, I was a reluctant dog owner… but Maureen and Dan wore me down and I agreed that we could get one a little over 11 years ago. Aszani did all the research and we found a wonderful breeder of Golden Retrievers. We paid for an upcoming “pick of the litter” – and we picked the friendliest puppy (of the friendliest breed). That’s how Abby entered our family, and everyone who met her would join me in affirming her lovely and friendly spirit.

My family and friends all know how much I came to love this dog… She was a great companion to me, and I guess its true – she has turned me into a “dog person.”

Here are some of the things I learned from her:

  • Give every stranger you meet an open friendly greeting. Some people won’t connect with you, but many will and you will receive much affection and friendship in return.
  • Walk away from trouble. Some creatures are just nasty, so just avoid them.
  • Don’t be afraid to approach those that you’ve angered. Simply express your love, and wait to be forgiven.
  • Pursue your pleasures – and your dreams. Even if you never can catch that rabbit.

Peace, sweet dog.

One thought on “How I Became A "Dog Person"

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Abby. I am glad that she was able to turn into a fellow dog person, and teach you many life lessons. I didn't know her for more than a day but she touched my heart. And now I look longingly at my Budie Marley laying on his bed and know that when his day comes it will be one of the hardest days for me to face. I think I need to go give him a hug, look for those lessons that he has to teach me and be grateful for the time I have with him, even if he does have bad breath, and drags his ass every time he hits the carpet.

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