Monthly Archives: March 2008

Founding Madison Music Review

I will soon be coming up on the first anniversary of founding Madison Music Review. Fred got the idea to blog about the shows we were seeing one night when we were at the High Noon together. I quickly agreed, and Ankur was right behind…

We were good friends who regularly went out with one another to shows – as part of a much larger and ever changing body of concert buddies. We already listened to music together, talked about music together, bought music together and saw lots of live music together. .. Now we are also writing about it! . . . Next we’ll have to start a band. [That’s a joke!]

This has been a really energizing project for me. Previewing upcoming shows always gets me worked up for the performance. MMR also memorializes a lot of the great shows that we are seeing – and its out there for anybody who saw or was interested in the show. Occasionally we also get advance copies of CDs and the chance to interview cool musicians. What could be a better way to spend free time than this?