There is just so much more to each of us than can be communicated in a few sentences. And if we are living fully, our story ever changes. So here you can find out more about my background, my passions and my thoughts.

I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, went to college at Northern Illinois University, and upon graduation moved to Madison. . . I’ve lived in greater Madison for nearly 30 years now.

Who am I . . . and why am I here? I try to reflect on these philosophical questions from time to time, and find that it helps me focus on the things that are important to me – i.e. being respectful of others, offering kindness and generous hospitality, being truthful, loving my family and friends, doing good work, and feeding my spirit. Well, at least this is my aspiration.

I participate in numerous communities – friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, business associates, etc. And like most, I must spend a substantial portion of my time earning a living! So I feel quite fortunate have a great job where I enjoy what I do. You can learn more about that on my Work / Projects page.