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I was employed by The Fiore Companies for over 25 years.  Initially hired as Treasurer, I became Vice President of Operations, and ultimately served as its Executive Vice President. I know this length of tenure is almost unheard of these days, so I feel very fortunate. My responsibilities included strategic planning, financing, business development and public relations. I also led the development efforts for the following projects:

Madison Central Library

Proposed Madison Central Library
I worked with an outstanding team to develop a proposal for a new central public library for the City of Madison, Wisconsin. (Click photos for full-size images)

Library Entrance

Evensong Spa

I think Evensong is one of the best spas in Wisconsin – great facilities in a beautiful natural setting. . . It is distinguished by its indoor labyrinth – a contemplative tool for personal and spiritual transformation. And walking a labyrinth serves as a physical metaphor for a spiritual journey to the center of the Self and back out into the world.



This ten-story office building at 222 West Washington Avenue is located in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, one block west of the State Capitol Building. It contains 190,000 square feet of space, and combines high bandwidth connectivity with exceptional amenities.

Knickerbocker Place

Knickerbocker Place is a successful boutique retail center located on Madison’s near west side. It features design details in keeping with the 1900s character of the neighborhood, and it is frequently cited as an example and model of in-fill development that is sensitive to its neighborhood context. The Wisconsin Society of the American Institute of Architects has awarded Knickerbocker Place its highest design award.

One thought on “Life Work – Fiore Companies

  1. Your accomplishments throughout the years will long be remembered for generations to come. Everything from the fun retail project of Knickerbocker to the re-skin of the Valley Bank building into Network 222.

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