Monthly Archives: October 2008

My approach to using iTunes track ratings

I use the track Rating as input to my “fresh mix” playlists. Since my tastes are fluid, I don’t think of the Rating as a “good or bad” judgment – but simply an indication of the frequency with which I want to hear a particular track.

I start all my new music at a 4 rating. Songs that leap out at me, I will bump up to 5 stars. And iff I’ve played out a song, I will eventually down rate it; but never more than one step at a time. Just as frequently, I will find myself hearing an older song that just slays me and will kick up its rating.

Here is the “repeat frequency” allowed in my random mixes for each level:

  • 5 stars –not more than once a week
  • 4 stars –not more than once a month
  • 3 stars –not more than once a year
  • 2 stars –not more than every two years
  • 1 star – not played in my mix

I find this to be very easy to implement and it can help you enjoy fresh playlists with a really nice mix of “hot tracks” – new and old – and a measure of older songs and obscurities to keep it interesting.